Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good news everyone!

Great news everyone!

I was recently selected to be the Ret Paladin writer over at Paladin Schmaladin. It's a great site and I've been reading it for well over eighteen months now and I hope I'm able to bring something new to the table over there.

So what does this mean for Emblem of Conquest? Well, my updates here will become slightly more infrequent (if that's even possible). I'll be aiming for one or two a week here in addition to what I'm writing at Paladin Schmaladin. Either way, you haven't heard the last from me...

Please head over to Paladin Schmaladin and check it out even if you're not a paladin - it's a great resource to all players.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome to the Icecrown Restaurant!

If there was such a thing as the Icecrown Restaurant, your head chef would be none other than Sindragosa, who serves up for your raid a Mystic Buffet, with a side order of RNG.

Seriously, who the fuck thought this achievement in its current state would be a good idea? There's way too many variables and having even one of these fall out of line by a fraction of a second will cause you miss the train on the achievement and have to endure nine minutes of hell all over again.

Let's look at all the things that can go wrong:

You can have your tanks get Ice Tombed, a Taunt resist, among a host of potential RNG issues. Not to mention that every member of your raid needs to be absolutely perfect at all times, which are extremely lofty expectations to set for a gimmick achievement - and often the tanks can do everything correctly and still fail the achievement.

I wouldn't mind it so much if the rest of the fight was actually enjoyable and wasn't absolute hell to do. Oh, and they replaced Sindragosa's voice actor with someone that has some talent at voice acting.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I probably should have mentioned this

As people that have flooded my inbox over the past two days asking why the WoW forums script I mentioned didn't work will attest to, you need an addon called Greasemonkey in order to work, if you're running Firefox.

I have no idea what you do if you're running Google Chrome, and frankly, I pity you.

Download Greasemonkey for Firefox here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Must-Have Addon

Okay, so it's not a WoW addon, but it's an absolute gem and a must have if you're at all serious about hardcore forum posting or trolling. for Firefox users for Google Chrome users

This little baby will display characters' WoWProgress rankings on the forums, conveniently located under their guild name when they post.

So now, there is no longer any need to create a new tab for WoWProgress when you want to look someone up to bash their progression. One glance at their post does the trick.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I feel dirty.

I've been bad. So very bad.

So my guild killed Deathbringer Saurfang (heroic, of course, taking us to 8/12 total) this week. I should probably be happy for this, but the kill was rather hollow because each member of the raid was doing 5% more damage and healing and had 5% more health.

Perhaps I'm being facetious, but I personally don't think we'd have killed it without the buff, and that's sad. Either way, we'll never find out if we could have killed it or not. Yes, the option's there to turn the buff off, but let's be serious here - with absolutely zero incentive to do so, do you really think this option is going to be exercised?

On the upside though, I was able to break 12000 DPS on this fight for the first time thanks to the buff. Awesome.