Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Effect of One on Many: Market Changes

This is Part Two of my commentaries on the effects of MMO-Champion's gold guide posts. Part One can be found here.

I've been monitoring the effect of MMO-Champion's gold guide posts, and the results are pretty astounding. On my server, Blackrock-US, the following changes have already taken place in less than a week.

  • High level herbs (e.g. Icethorn, Lichbloom) have increased in price by 40-50%
  • Low level herbs (e.g. Peacebloom) have doubled in price
  • Cobalt Bars are fluctuating like crazy, they had increased in price by 60% at one stage
  • Flasks (due to increased herb prices) are about 25% more expensive
  • Infinite dusts are about 20% cheaper
  • Eternal Earths are 10-20% more expensive
  • Glyphs are anywhere from 20-50% cheaper, depending on the glyph
It's probably worth mentioning that my glyphs are selling A LOT faster than they were prior to the MMO-Champion post, probably as the result of new "wannabe" monopolists entering the market.

Infinite Dusts will probably continue to come down in price due to the Abyss Shatter recipe (which is available on Blackrock as it recently came down for emergency maintenance), while Abyss Crystals have been rising steadily since the announcement of Abyss Shatter, and are now nearly twice the value they were two weeks ago. Snap up any cheap Abyss Crystals while you can.

Part Three of this series will probably conclude it and discuss ways for you to profit off the market changes. I will also be doing some testing of Abyss Shatters soon, and you can expect to see the results here!


I'd like to hear about what changes have taken place on your server as a result of the MMO-Champion guides, and what (if anything) you are doing to profit off them! I'll be including a selection of these in my next post on the matter, so please contact me at if you have a suggestion.

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