Friday, October 9, 2009

An Open Letter to Blizzard: 3.3 Emblem Changes

Hi Blizzard,

I can't begin to express how ecstatic I am being able to get Emblems of Triumph next patch. As a casual player with limited time to play, I have been unable to get these in substantial quantities. I have a guild of mainly real-life friends, however we have been unable to progress in 10 man ToC beyond the jormungar worms, and we have not been able to kill Koralon or Onyxia. As a result of this many of my guild mates are no longer interested in raiding, myself included. Personally, I believe that acquiring the best gear should not require 10 or 25 players.

As my guild is failing, I tried to apply to another guild in between trying to get into pug groups. However, I have always been rejected for being a "badge vendor hero". All of my gear has come from the Emblem of Conquest vendors and this is easy to tell. With the new Emblem of Triumph change, I may have some luck getting into a decent guild as I will have better gear where people can't instantly tell that it's badge gear. Actually, if all of my guild mates gear up with Emblems of Triumph then we might be more successful! Think of the possibilities!

I'm also looking forward to the prospect of going back to Naxxramas and Wrath Heroics. I think these instances are some of the best in the game and any reason to keep the playerbase doing them is good. I am sure that everyone will have lots of fun doing these again.

I do have a few complaints about the badge system though. First of all, there are no weapons available from badges. I should be able to fill every slot with badge gear, however there is no way of obtaining good weapons other than raiding or PvPing. I don't want to spend my valuable time raiding to get a weapon and I can't an 1800 rating for a PvP weapon - I play as a rogue with my priest and mage friends, but this team composition is severely underpowered.

I'm also really excited about the Icecrown 5 man heroic. This will drop item level 232 gear, but it will also drop Emblems of Frost instead of Triumph right? It's only fair that I should be able to get Tier 10 from the new content. I mean, I pay my $15 a month, I deserve it!

Giving Emblems of Triumph from all content is great, but Blizzard aren't going far enough. The only people who would disagree with me are the hardcore nerds with no life, that make up 1% of the population anyway. I mean, they can have their Icecrown raid, I don't see why the other 99% of the population can't get access to gear that is half a tier or a tier behind, right?

Yours sincerely,



  1. You pay your 15$ a month to get the priviledge to play. You don't pay to automatically get the best gear. I am a casual and I realize this. It is the head-strong casuals like you that guys the rest of us casuals the "whiny, lazy" name.

  2. @above: are you seriously that retarded?

  3. I had a good argument for why this isn't a big deal, but the retarded self-described casual at @1 has made me hate them all for the day.

    Fucking freeloaders.

  4. Also, if you're paying your $15 a month to look unique in Dalaran, you're playing the wrong game. I'm so tired of the "Boo gear for casuals" articles, not just yours, but in general. Seriously, you're playing the wrong game, instead of wasting your time (again, not you specifically) go find a game that's better. I understand the reluctance to leave your guildies behind, but they're probably all elitists too, shouldn't be hard to convince them to jump ship so they can look like badasses in an online game. Two articles consisting of "Waaaaaaaah easy loots" in a week is too much, especially for a young blog like this.

  5. You morons couldn't see sarcasm if it was right in your face.

    If you think he was serious, L2brain.

  6. If you're talking about #1, it's more of a troll than sarcasm. If you're talking about the author, I'm pretty sure his article (and subsequent defense of said article) from a few days ago ( show that he is in fact not being sarcastic, and that you in fact, are a fucking idiot.

    L2Read before you tell me to L2Brain.

  7. Yeah it is true that it sucks not to be able to get the best gear when you don't have alot of time and all. But think that if the "Best gear" was available from badges that it would ruin the benefit of raiding, as it's a feat to accomplish to show off the best gear as a reward for your efforts. Unfortunatly wow is a game you get what you put into it. If you don't have much time or skill to play... Then you won't be "Best-of-the-best" but still have lots to enjoy. Those that like a real challenge at getting good gear and raiding will also be rewarded for their efforts.... So essentially stop being lazy and find some time to raid or PvP

  8. "L2Read before you tell me to L2Brain."

    Ok, so you still don't believe it. I'd expect nothing less than a silly social player. The OP is laughing at you because you're stupid enough to believe him. Maybe I shouldn't comment here and let the joke stay on you, instead of trying to point it out to deaf ears.

  9. so much QQ..... damn