Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Randomloot's Guide to Ret Paladins

Many people have asked me lately to write a guide to ret paladins. After all, it’s a given that not everybody has been gifted with amazing skill, some people need help from those that have said skills. So I’m writing this as a guide to players new to ret, or to veteran players of the spec that are looking to squeeze just a little bit extra out of the class. Enjoy.


When it comes to gearing a ret paladin, there’s only one way to go: Agility Agility Agility. Leather gear with Agility far and away outperforms equivalent pieces of plate. Do not worry about hit rating on gear, as this will be provided entirely by talents and buffs from other classes in the raid.


Try to balance haste and armor penetration. Haste is a great stat, it reduces the global cooldown on all our abilities which means we can spam our buttons faster! Armor penetration is great too, it makes all our abilities hit harder by ignoring boss armor. ArP/Haste gems (Orange) are amazing for this purpose.


Something like this:

This is pretty much a no brainer, take everything that increases your damage. A lot of paladins spec into Divine Sacrifice for raid utility, but they are WRONG.

Glyphs are included in the above link. Don’t bother with Judgement glyph since your Judgement of Command hits for about 800, and don’t bother with Consecration glyph since it makes you do less damage (damage over 10 secs instead of 8). Again, a lot of paladins use these glyphs, and again they are WRONG.

How to pew pew

Ret paladins don’t really have a rotation per se, they use a priority system. What you do is you prioritise the abilities that have the longest cooldowns. So, your ranking in order of first to last (assuming all are available) is Exorcism > Divine Storm > Consecrate > Judgement > Crusader Strike. Hammer of Wrath, if it’s up, is used after Crusader Strike.

You now know everything you need to know to be a good ret paladin. Happy facerolling!


  1. 10/10 would read again

  2. WTF I went out and bought all the leather agi gear I could, and I spent thousands crafting agi pieces - ONLY to find out that pallys get more ap from STR. I bet u didnt know this, mr pro.


    Read this blog entry at your own risk or u'll be running around dalaran covered in green agi items, and everyone will laugh and say ur dumb, cuz u thought u could trust one the EVIL ret pally who writes this blog.

    I also tried your rotation, glyth and talent suggestions. They work great for dps. I can pull nearly 1.5k. But you know NOTHING about pally gearing obviously.


  3. Glyph of seal of command without the talent taken.
    EPIC FAIL ! (as is the template and the entire post)

  4. Coming from a fellow Ret pally, that has been playing the class since launch, I have to say that you sir know the class far better than I can ever hope to. After reading this guide, I'm convinced I should just delete my ret pally, because I just won't be as good as you. I think I'm going to roll a rogue instead. I read somewhere that the key to playing a rogue is strength, as rogues get 12 AP per strength point. Time to start leveling.

  5. As a Ret Paladin myself this helped me tu pull 15k DPS on Festergut 25man Thank you kind Sir

  6. yep great guide it is just a superior class and it takes this sort of knowledge to really push the limits of what you can do. if you read one guide this year...

  7. wow... why did i waste my time.