Sunday, November 1, 2009

Icecrown: Something Positive, for a Change

First of all, there's no denying that this is a negative blog at times. This is a blog that is dynamic and responsive to the changing world (of Warcraft) and the decisions made within the community will affect the views of the community as a whole. My views just happen to be more cynical. Next.

Icecrown, on the contrary to many things in Patch 3.3, is shaping up really well. I've had the opportunity to see most of the encounters (through PTR testing and streams) and they're all looking very interesting at the moment, and we've only seen the normal modes so far. I'm very excited to see how the hard modes will turn out.

Of particular note is Valithria Dreamwalker, an encounter you win by healing the boss up to full life. This is very much a nice deviation from the normal tunnel-vision style encounter of "Hit boss, collect purples". The current achievement for the encounter asks requires her to be healed within 31 minutes, although I am currently assuming (and quite safely at that) that this a placeholder value much like the original Yogg-Saron speed kill (22 minute) achievement.

So yeah, Icecrown will probably be awesome. I know someone will find some hidden negativity that isn't really there in this post, so without further ado, bring on the hate.


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