Friday, November 6, 2009

Season 8 is the sex.

I posted recently about how I was more or less giving up on the paladin class for Wrath Arena.

Well I think I might just be changing my mind. I posted about awful paladin tier 10 really is, and after seeing the Season 8 set, I have realised that Blizzard still have the ability to make great looking paladin sets.

So it looks like I'll be droning my way through arena in S8 to get my full set. And I'll be wearing it in raids and doing 5k DPS with it because it looks that badass. That or they should swap it with the (still awful) tier 10 model. Fuckers.



  1. Enjoy battling the broken arena system while you try to get the rating for your shoulders. :S

  2. you couldnt pvp your way out of a wet paper bag, shit paladain