Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Question Time

I received several questions via e-mail, but first of all I wanted to respond to one that was posed in a comment on my callout post.

Do you think Heroic Anub'arak 25 is a well designed encounter. Why/Why not?

It's definitely a valid time to be posting about this, as my guild, Fallen Chapter, just got Anub-25-Heroic down for the first time, getting A Tribute to Mad Skill in the process.

My answer is yes. It's the only encounter in ToC that is moderately interesting (although I daresay any healer will disagree with this), but that's not why I like it.

Anub's mechanics are specifically designed to break paradigms that have been in place (more or less) since the first time you've raided, such as the mentality of healers to keep everyone at 100%, and the tank EH paradigm (this might vary depending on your strat however). It forces players to keep on their feet and be responsive to their surroundings. It's not up to the standard of encounters that was present through TBC and was briefly present in Ulduar but it's still a well designed encounter, and is tuned exactly at the right level for where it is in the progression path (unlike the rest of Tier 9 content).

The only gripe I have with this fight is the requirements of specific classes. They're not a huge deal and more of a minor inconvenience than anything really (it's also very dependant on the strat you use) but in a guild with a relatively small core like FC, it does become quite a problem, because when certain people are unavailable, you can forget about Anub'arak.





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