Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Impressions

So, after two days of being able to experience 3.3, I have to conclude that I am very, very pleased with the way it has turned out. Despite the tyrannical onslaught of the blue bar boss and "instance not found" messages, both of which are pretty much resolved now, nothing about the patch has provoked my ire.

The dungeon finder tool is great, makes finding groups for anything a breeze. Tanks and healers will find an almost instant queue, while DPSers need to wait a whole, oh, 2-3 minutes. It's wonderful.

Although I complained vehemently in the past about the emblem changes, I don't mind them now, taking solace (or rather, dual solace) in the fact that Slime Pool McGee and his Band of Bads will not be able to access the best 258/264/277 loot.

As for the new content, the new 5 mans are excellent and offer something that's been lacking from 5 mans this expansion: replayability. Their loot and fun encounters will keep players wanting to go back.

The Icecrown raid itself is shaping up to be a cracker. Although the first four encounters seem quite undertuned, bear in mind that it is normal mode and they are showing a lot of promise to be hard encounters on hard mode. All of the encounters, especially Deathwhisper and the Gunship Battle are pretty fun and offer something new. The look and feel of the place is great and I'm looking forward to experiencing the rest of it. I have a great deal of confidence that the rest of Icecrown will be equally great.

You can expect some guides to Icecrown encounters in the near future.


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