Saturday, December 5, 2009

Raid Guide Brigade: Preparing for Icecrown

With 3 days to go until Icecrown, it's perfectly understandable that you and the rest of your bad guild want to be as ready as possible when it launches, so you can spend less time discussing strategy and more time wiping to Deathbringer Saurfang.

Icecrown is a winged instance, and only one of its 4 wings will be accessible upon launch. This wing contains Lord Marrowgore, Kel'Thuzad's wife, some stupid vehicle battle and the aforementioned Saurfang.

Something that appears in Icecrown but you would not be familiar with as a result of your exciting adventures in the Trial of the Crusader is the trash mob. Trash has historically proved to be a fun, dynamic pacing mechanism (as seen in Naxxramas and Ulduar) and Icecrown's trash should prove to be no different.The best part of fighting trash mobs, however, is the loot. Loot from trash mobs is some of the best in the game and the fact that it is never guaranteed to drop helps to keep you engaged and interested when fighting trash. Trash will be difficult to get your head around for those players who are coming fresh out of Trial of the Crusader into Icecrown, but if you remain positive about it then you will have the most fun anyone could have in this game.

The trash up to Lord Marrowgore is quite difficult and will present a challenge to raids that have healers and tanks in greens. Once you finally beat this trash though, you will be able to fight a slightly larger trash mob that looks like a flying skull with an axe. Ignore what you've learnt about running out of whirlwinds from Trial of the Crusader, because it hits for about 200.

There are 3 more raid encounters that will be available, but you, the reader, won't be able to get past the Marrowgore trash anyway so it is pointless to discuss them at this stage. You will have to wait until the first round of major nerfs, I'm afraid.

Check back here for more updates on Icecrown soon, and never forget that the Emblem of Conquest Raid Guide Brigade™ is always at the forefront of releasing guides to new content.

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  1. Lol Lord Marrowgar isn't hard at all, it's simply a test of co-ordination between switching targets.

    They better not nerf any of the ICC raids.