Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking Things Too Far

Blizzard's degeneration of raiding has really gone too far. Seven of the twelve hardmodes in ICC 25 are an absolute joke and will die within 5 pulls. There's another two that will take you only a few more attempts.

The remaining three are slightly more difficult and will last most guilds a few more weeks yet - but that's because attempts on them are limited.

Even the easier hardmodes of Ulduar were a considerable step up from this rubbish - prior to them being nerfed into the ground of course.

And it looks like Blizzard won't even have to nerf Icecrown, it will nerf itself in the form of a stacking HP, damage and healing buff for everyone - stacking up to 30%. Not that you'll need it of course, as everyone except the worst of the worst guilds out there will be 11/12 ICC Hardmode by the time the buff kicks up to 30%.


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