Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To: Festergut (25 man)

Festergut is one of the bosses in the Plagueworks wing of Icecrown Citadel, and the easiest boss of this wing. As part of Emblem of Conquest's Raid Guide Brigade, you will be instructed on how to defeat this encounter as well as the other encounters in this wing. Guides to these encounters will be posted shortly.

First of all, let's talk about Festergut's group set-up:

One tank and 5 healers are required, the remaining spots are to be filled with DPS. Festergut has 40.4 million health and he enrages after two minutes and fifteen seconds into the fight, so this means your 19 DPSers have to put out an average of 15750 DPS each. This will be easily achievable if your raid is stacked with the top DPS classes and specs such as moonkins, elemental shamans and warlocks. You also NEED one non-tanking paladin (for reasons that will be discussed later).

Your 5 healers can be anything, but try to maintain a good balance. Both the tanks and the raid is hit very hard, so having 1 holy paladin, 1 resto shaman, 1 resto druid and a priest of each healing spec is ideal.

Every so often, 3 random players in the raid will receive a debuff called Gas Spore, identifiable by a giant spore floating over the players' heads. When this debuff runs out, the player and any targets near them will be afflicted by a very powerful DoT. For this reason, anyone targeted with Gas Spore must immediately run out of the raid, being mindful not to run out of range of healers as they must be healed up.

Meanwhile, your tank will be hit with a debuff that increases his damage by 10% per stack. Once it gets to 9 stacks, approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds into the fight, the tank needs to have Divine Intervention cast on him, or else he will explode. Some strategies use 2 tanks to deal with this, however this greatly increases the DPS requirement needed to down Festergut, so it's (obviously) an inferior method. Your tank must click off the DI straight away before Festergut murders anyone.

Keep in mind that through all this time Festergut himself will be gaining a buff that increases his damage and attack speed. If you have not killed him by 2:15 into the fight, he will go berserk and cast a spell called Pungent Blight that will instantly wipe the raid, so your DPS needs to be on top of their game! You are also very reliant on your tank clicking off DI in time. Pray that Festergut doesn't go for someone that the tank dislikes when the tank gets DI'ed.

Festergut is a very challenging fight that will require every raider to put in their A-game. Follow this strategy and it should fall over!


  1. 1. Festergut is a faceroll boss
    2. Your "guide" is completely wrong
    3. You got a lot of information wrong

  2. Extremely hilarious - and OBVIOUSLY a joke "guide". Cracked me up.

  3. FIRST... aw crap did I screw that up too? well maybe with this guide my guild will finally down him

  4. lmao nice guide haha

  5. love the one tank speed id dispell strat =)

  6. First comment: lol, you're bad.

    OP: meh. 3/10

  7. the hilarity is wasted on a lot of people and that makes me sad.

  8. cooooooooooool storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. Wow this is the most WIN BLOG EVER!

    "Remember to remove DI before he murders everyone"

    WTF? 15k DPS? He has a 5 min enrage timer. 1st tank goes to 9 debuffs, 2nd tank taunts. Debuff wears of tank 1 taunts again. With 5 mins enrage timer dps only needs to do 7.5k DPS.

    Clever use of Game tatics, Fail use of LOGIC.

  10. your a dumbass no jokes this shit isnt even funny...