Monday, January 11, 2010

How to: Rotface (25 man)

Rotface is another boss in the Plagueworks and he represents a considerable step up in difficulty from Festergut. However, with this guide, you should have no problems.

First of all, as this guide is quite difficult to understand without visual aids, you can find them attached at the bottom of this post.

As always, let's discuss group setup:

Five tanks are required. It can also be done with six, but we think this is a little extreme.
Eight healers is a good number, two of each class. If you're running with six tanks then drop down to seven healers.
The remaining twelve spots will be fleshed out with DPS. Bring anything. Really. It doesn't matter.

The Fight:

Rotface should be tanked as centrally as possible. Have your entire raid stack up behind him on the melee, as he occasionally will deal AoE damage to the entire raid, and this makes healing the raid easier. This also counteracts the slime pools that he will drop during the fight - if your raid is in melee, they won't ever be hit by slime pools.

While your Main Tank tanks Rotface, your other 4 tanks should be waiting in the corners of the room as displayed below. Periodically, a member of your raid will be hit with a debuff called Mutating Injection and they must run out of the raid to one of their tanks to drop their slime pool...I mean add. The first person to receive this debuff runs to "Tank 1" in the image and waits for the second person to receive the debuff. They will then also drop an add at the tank. Once both people have dropped their adds, they will merge to form a Big Ooze which must be tanked by the tank at their position. This occurs 3 more times, with the only difference being that the raid members will now be running to different tanks. Once all 4 off-tanks are tanking a Big Ooze, the next two people to receive the Injection will run to the main tank to drop their add. The main tank must then pick up and tank the fifth Big Ooze^. Your main tank will take lots of damage at this point, so big heals and cooldowns are a must! At this point, your 4 off-tanks need to run their Big Oozes to the main tank. All 5 will then merge together and start to explode*, so your raid needs to move away from the Really Really Big Ooze. By this point he should be at like 5% anyway because of the HP nerf, so assuming your entire raid doesn't get exploded on, you will win.

^ Note: If you are using the six tank strategy, have your fifth off-tank pick up the fifth Big Ooze. You should still tank him on the main tank as you really have nowhere else to go.

* Note: You can not tank the Big Oozes once they have merged together, as they gain a stacking damage buff after they merge. Although it is fine to tank a normal Big Ooze (without any buffs), having your tanks try to tank a Bigger Ooze will have them be one-shot, so your tanks need to be careful.


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