Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Oh crap, I didn't get Oculus"

Is going to be the new standard phrase when running random heroics.

Blizzard has decided to offer more loot to people who complete Oculus runs using the random dungeon system, and let me be the first person to say I'm going to start dropping Oculus runs out of spite now. Especially when I'm tanking or healing.

If you stick around long enough to hopefully not be wiped by a warrior doing 37 DPS and a DK tank who's wearing full DPS gear, is in Blood Presence and has 18k HP, then you'll receive rare gems, 2 more Triumph badges and a chance at a mount.

And if that wasn't enough, Oculus has been nerfed even further, despite the fact that it was never hard to begin with. But if there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that people will still find new and innovative ways to screw it all up, and the whining on the forums will only continue.


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