Saturday, January 30, 2010

Limited attempts are stupid and need to go.

Tonight in Icecrown I was confronted with a small problem that would never have arisen were it not for the archaic, stupid limited attempt system.

On one of our wipes a paladin in the raid cast Divine Intervention on another player so that they would be spared the 10% durability loss. However, most of the raid had already started to run back and one of the raid members had duly noted that trash had respawned.

The normal procedure that we would have followed in this situation is for the person that got DI'ed (and anyone that they may have ressurected) to run into the boss so that they could die, release, run back and return to the front of the instance so they could regroup with the raid.

However, thanks to the limited attempts system, this is no longer possible as it would be foolish to waste an attempt for something as silly as trash respawns.

Blizzard, can the limited attempts system now so that we can be free to wipe without fear of only having half our raid available to clear trash respawns. 


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