Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop breaking game mechanics!

Blizzard's attitude and tendency to hotfix seemingly minor changes to items is wreaking serious havoc upon some core mechanics of the game.

This whole dirty business started when Blizzard stated that Bryntroll was too powerful for certain classes/specs and decided to bring it back into line by removing the chance for it to proc off certain abilities. This has resulted in a more-or-less complete overhaul in proc/PPM mechanisms which has drastically affected some enchants (such as Blade Ward), as well as certain trinkets.

Why is this being done in the middle of a patch? I can understand hotfixing why you'd want to hotfix Bryntroll, but a complete overhaul should have been saved for the next minor patch, so it could have been correctly tested on PTRs and received player feedback before changes happen, rather than sending the playerbase into a state of frenzy regarding proc items as is the case now.

Changing or nerfing an item or two isn't going to break the game, but changing the mechanics behind the items has further reaching consequences and isn't something you want to be doing in the middle of a patch. So stop messing around with things on live and use the test realms for some actual testing. All the testing is being done on live at the moment, and that is not a good thing.


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